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Monday, 2 April 2012

Vocabulary about crimes: Pastimes

Here are some pastimes to keep on practising. In the word search, you have to drag along the letters of a correct word. If your answer is right or wrong, the computer will tell you. You get more points for correct words and you lose points if you didn't answer correctly. Then, do the word scramble and drag the letters to their correct place before you check. Finally, move on to the hangman game. There are eight words in each hangman game, try to guess them all.

Crime Vocabulary: Gaming to fill in the gaps

In the game below, you have to complete the sentences with words about crimes. We need your help to solve a crime. If your answers are right, we'll get some clues, so try to do well, O.K.? You will see incomplete sentences at the bottom of the screen, use your mouse to shoot the missing words to fill in the gaps. You have twenty rounds of ammunition and thirty seconds to complete each level. And don't get too confident! Each level is more difficult than the previous one. How quick are you to recognize the missing words? Good luck! Start and play.

Click here for larger version

Crime Vocabulary Word Search

Hey there! Are you doing fine with your study? Are words about crime easy to learn, pronounce and spell? I'm bringing you some extra practice. Study the vocabulary of the previous blog entry and try to solve the word search. When you find a word, drag the mouse over the letter. If you can't find the word, click on the "show word button" and it will be visible. The fewer words you ask for, the more points you will get. Come on, do the exercise, it will be good for your spelling. Good luck!

Crime Flashcards

I'm here to show you a set of flashcards illustrating words about crimes. Each card shows a picture, the English word and its translation into Spanish. You can do matching, listening and spelling exercises, and play games too. Click on the right and left arrows to change flashcard and study all of the words. According to some experts, if you look at them for a short time and move on to the next quickly, you will learn better. This method is called bits of intelligence. Mostly children learn with bits of intelligence but teens and adults can use them too. Why don't you try several times?

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Crimes and Cases Arcade Game

I know you love the Manic Miner game so here it is to reinforce your knowledge about verbs related to crimes and cases. I'm sure your intuition will tell you how to play but just in case, here are the rules. Help Willy the miner in his mission. At the bottom of the screen, there are verb definitons and you will see three options moving all over the screen. Choose the right one, answer three questions correctly, collect the key and jump down the toilet to get to the next level. You have five lives, monsters kill you on contact and incorrect answers drain your energy. There are many levels. Go!

Click here for larger version

Crimes and Cases: Crossword

Here's a crossword to practise spelling with verbs about crimes and cases. In total, there are sixteen verbs. When you finish the crossword, you can refresh the page to see a different one.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Crimes and Cases Game

This game is called Cannonball Fun. Complete the sentences with a suitable verb. Do you need any clues? Well, I'll tell you. Look carefully at verb tenses and the context. You start the game with 10 cannonballs, you get a fresh cannonball each time you land a ball on top of a correct answer. When you lose all of your ammunition, the game is over. Use the arrow keys to control the cannon, hold down the spacebar to build up the velocity and release the spacebar to launch the cannonball. Good luck!

Click here for larger version

We've got a case here

Today's lesson is about crimes and cases. The flashcards below will show you verbs about this topic. You can see the verbs in English, pictures and translations into Spanish but that is not all. Click on the loudspeaker to listen to their pronunciation and do the spelling and matching exercises, it will help you study. You can even play games. After that, play the hangman game. Click on a letter and try to escape the gallows. By the way, why don't you read any detective stories? They are fun, thrilling and full of suspense. Once you start, you can't stop reading.