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Monday, 16 January 2012

Useful Links

In Spanish for Newbies

In English

Present simple for beginners

On the Anglomaniacy website you can find easy exercises and grammar explanations. It is a good site for young English learners and beginners. it is also useful if you need to revise. Click on the links below to find explanations, exercises, tests, corrections and flashcards. You will find lots of things you need to use the present simple in the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms.

Affirmative Sentences: Learn
Affirmative Sentences: Practise
Affirmative Sentences: Test yourself
Affirmative Sentences: Flashcards

Negative Sentences: Learn
Negative Sentences: Practise
Negative Sentences: Test yourself
Negative Sentences: Flashcards

Questions: Learn
Questions: Practise
Questions: Test yourself
Questions: Flashcards

Short Answers: Learn
Short Answers: Practise
Short Answers: Test yourself
Short Answers: Flashcards

Affirmative Form Game
Negative Form Game
Negative Short Form Game
Questions Game
Short Answers Game