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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Quantifiers: Much, many, a lot of, little, few

This game will make you kill two birds with one stone. You're going to revise English and Maths. Complete the sentences with the correct option. You must choose among the words much, many, little, few and a lot of. This means that you must pay attention to context. If your answer is right, you will have the chance of solving a mental computation challenge. Look carefully at the addition, substraction, multiplication and division signs. Which quantities equal the end result? Can you calculate quickly?

Mental Computation Game by Pilar

Friday, 13 April 2012

Maths: CLIL and PILC Useful Vocabulary

Content and Language Integrated Learning, also known as CLIL is an innovative learning method which is becoming more and more popular with bilingual teaching experts. Subjects are taught through a foreign language, so that learners can assimilate both content and the foreign language itself. In La Rioja in Spain, there's also a teaching method called PILC that helps students learn foreign language vocabulary involved in several subjects. If you need a helping hand with both, you can draw upon these presentations. You'll find games and activities too. Don't hesitate to explore this entry devoted to Maths.