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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Learn time expressions for Present Perfect

Here's a fun game to learn words you usually use in present perfect tense. Read the sentences carefully and choose the word that completes each sentence best. You will see the instructions to play on the screen before you start the game. Enjoy yourself.

Click here for larger version

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Present Perfect Quiz

I've got a quiz for you. Here you can revise almost everything about present perfect: verbs, participles, time expressions and syntax. Take the quiz and you will get feedback after each answer, so that you can get an idea of the grammar explanation for it. You can register to take the quiz. It's free, fast and easy. But don't forget your username and password, you might need them again. You will also get a document including full feedback of the end result. Good luck with the quiz!

If you do not wish to register, you can use this username and password.
Username: elementaryenglish
Password: elementaryenglish

Present Perfect Quiz with Feedback by Pilar

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Heroic Ants. Present Perfect Game

Hey guys! I'm here to suggest a present perfect game. It's called Heroic Ants and it goes like that. First, look at the prompts and make sentences using the present perfect simple. Then, choose the correct answer. If your answer is right, you will be able to help the ant to reach the farthest possible distance. To do so, click and pull the string to set the throwing angle and power. In the game, you will see if you have set a new record and the distance travelled too. Try to answer all the questions correctly, but don't be too hard on those poor ants! O.K.? Good luck! Show me what you can do!

Present Perfect Ant Game by Pilar

Monday, 16 April 2012

Matching Game with Present Perfect Sentences

Hey there! Have you studied your lesson about present perfect? I hope you have because I'm offering you a challenge. This is a matching game, it's very good to learn grammar and to practice reading comprehension. Make sure you understand all of the sentences; if you are not sure about their meaning, look up the words in the online dictionary below. You just have to match the answers to the questions so that they all make sense. To do so, drag the answers to the box at the bottom of the screen. The program itself will tell you if your answers are right or wrong. How many seconds have you needed to finish?

Present Perfect Matching Game by Pilar

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Present Perfect. Time Expressions

Have you found present perfect difficult? I don't think so. Now that you know a lot of things about it and time expressions we can normally find with this tense, you can try to solve these puzzles. In the exercises below, you will find sixteen sentences whose words are not in order. Just rearrange the words and write them in the correct order in the boxes. If you type a wrong letter, you will get a message telling you to try again. When you type all of the words correctly, you won't see any red letters and that means you solved the activity and passed it. I hope you'll have a good time.

Present Perfect Simple. Already, Yet and Just

We use the present perfect with already to indicate that something has been done, it has concluded. When we use just, we emphasize that something finished a short time ago.
She has already cleaned her room.
She has just cleaned her room.
In negative sentences, yet indicates that something hasn't finished:
She hasn't tidied her room yet.
In questions, we use yet to ask if something has already been done:
Has she tidied her room yet?
Remember that just and already are placed before the past participle of the main verb, but yet is used at the end of a sentence. Can you guess the sentences of the game?

Hangman 1
Hangman 2
Hangman 3
Hangman 4
Hangman 6
Hangman 7
Hangman 8
Hangman 9
Hangman 10

Present Perfect Simple. For and Since

You know we use the present perfect simple for actions and events that started in the past and continue in the present.
For example, if we say this blog has been on the Internet for four months, we mean that it's still on line.
Now let's revise the difference between two important time expressions we usually find in present perfect sentences: for and since. We use for to express the duration of an act and we use since to refer to the specific point in time when the act started.
Read these examples:
I've played football for two years
Now it's 2012 and I've played football since 2010.
Now match time expressions to for or since.

Ultimate challenge. Present Perfect Jeopardy

Welcome to the ultimate challenge! This is the Present Perfect Jeopardy. Verbs, time expressions... Everything about Present Perfect is here.
You can play alone or in teams with your friends and classmates. There are different categories with a different score and if you are lucky, you might have the chance of playing for the "daily double", a special case which will allow you to get more points. But be careful! You could lose more points if your answer is wrong.
For each category, you have to answer questions correctly; the more correct answers, the more points for your team.
Are you good enough for the challenge or will you back down?

Present Perfect Jeopardy by Pilar

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Game Time! Present Perfect and Jobs Flashcards

Game time!
Cut up the cards and put them face down. Each player has to choose one and say sentences using present perfect telling what they have done at work. The other players have to guess his job.
For example, Player A picks up a card at random.
The other players ask: “What have you done today?”
Player A answers: “I have studied a lot of lines, I have rehearsed with my colleagues.”
The rest of the players will ask: "Are you an actor?"
and Player A will say "Yes, I am".
Then, it's someone else's turn. You can draw pictures in blank cards, write different jobs' names and continue playing.


Present Perfect and Jobs

Hey there! Have you done anything interesting today? In the game below you will see present perfect sentences and you will have to match them to the right profession for each one. You will find examples of different people, so be careful and don't mistake first person plurals for third person singulars or others. As soon as you finish, tell me: how much time have you needed to complete the exercise? You can also play this game with your friends or at the classroom to practise speaking skills, you can say similar sentences in present perfect to tell your partners what you have done and they must try to guess your profession.

Present Perfect and Jobs by Pilar