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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Subject and Object Pronouns. Play the game.

Can you make the difference between object pronouns and subject pronouns? If so, take on the challenge below. To play this game, you have to choose the right answer. You will see a sentence with some words between apostrophes and you will have to replace them with an object pronoun or a subject pronoun. Read the four options carefully before you choose one. Then, enjoy the game. Use the arrow keys to control the ghost man and eat all the food. Escape the other ghosts or else they will consume his energy.

Click here to play

Sunday, 20 January 2013

What are you studying?

What's your favourite subject? Which subjects do you have this year? Maybe some of these ones. Click on the arrow keys to study these flashcards. Do you know their pronunciation? Then, click on the loudspeaker icon. After that, you can do matching, spelling and listening exercises or play games. Enjoy it!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Wake me up when September begins

September. That means "back to school" and also an opportunity to meet new friends and learn new stuff; so look on the bright side of life and make the most of this school year. To start up, let's revise the names of school subjects. You can play games and practise your spelling and listening skills. I wish you the best for this year.


Monday, 30 April 2012

Ted-Ed. Lessons Worth Sharing

Ted-Ed. Lessons Worth Sharing

Today I'd like to introduce you to this website, highly recommendable for teachers involved in bilingual projects. Besides, it's worth the visit if you are an English teacher looking for listening comprehension exercises. Ted Ed site offers videos about topics that can be found in the curriculum of several subjects. Plus, each video features a comprehension quiz, writing prompts and the chance to create your own lesson. But that's not all, teachers who sign up can make their own lessons from any youtube video. A fantastic tool for learners and teachers, a great resource for PILC and CLIL lessons.

Ted-d Video Tutorial

Friday, 13 April 2012

Maths: CLIL and PILC Useful Vocabulary

Content and Language Integrated Learning, also known as CLIL is an innovative learning method which is becoming more and more popular with bilingual teaching experts. Subjects are taught through a foreign language, so that learners can assimilate both content and the foreign language itself. In La Rioja in Spain, there's also a teaching method called PILC that helps students learn foreign language vocabulary involved in several subjects. If you need a helping hand with both, you can draw upon these presentations. You'll find games and activities too. Don't hesitate to explore this entry devoted to Maths.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Free Rice as an educational tool for teachers and students is a website that combines education and solidarity. It's a very helpful tool for both teachers and students; moreover it's available in several languages and the activities can be used in a wide variety of school subjects such as Maths, Literature, Science, Art, History, Geography and Languages. This makes it a great resource for CLIL and PILC teachers, who can help students reinforce content and vocabulary here.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

School Vocabulary

Read the information in the following flashcards to see names of school subjects and what you learn. After that, you can play the game of the Manic Miner. You have to answer three questions correctly, collect the key and jump down the toilet. You have five lives. Avoid contact with monsters or they will kill you. Incorrect answers drain your energy. Use the arrows to move left and right and the spacebar to jump. Good luck, miner!