Thursday, 29 December 2011

Verb To Be

Hi! How are you? We are going to revise the verb to be. Complete these sentences with the words am, is or are to make correct sentences.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Determiners A and An

 Do these words begin with a vowel or a consonant? Look at the pictures, read the words and write a or an

 ______ tiger
 ______ apple
 _____ desk
 ____ chair
 ____ elephant
 ____ university

 ____ arm
 ____ astronaut

 ____ horse
 ____ pencil
 ____ house
 ____ hour
 ____ good book
 ____ old castle
 ____ beautiful city
 ____ expensive diamond
 ____ European coin
 ____ flag
 ____ dress
 ____ honest man

Now listen and correct your answers.
KEY: a tiger, an apple, a desk, a chair, an elephant, a university, an arm, an astronaut, a horse, a pencil, a house, an hour, a good book, an old castle, a beautiful city, an expensive diamond, a European coin, a flag, a dress, an honest man


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