Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Adverbs of Manner: Online Game

Adverbs of manner describe the way in which an action is performed. They usually answer questions beginning with HOW? For instance: How does he drive? He drives CAREFULLY. Most adverbs are regular, we get them adding L Y to the adjective but there are exceptions. Adjectives ending in "Y" form the adverb dropping the "Y" and adding -ILY such as in ANGRY - ANGRILY. Some adverbs are exactly the same as their adjective: HARD - HARD, FAST - FAST. Moreover, there's an irregular adverb we have to learn by heart. The adverb for the adjective GOOD is WELL.

Got it right? Did you understand adverb formation? If your answer is YES, prove it with the Manic Miner. You have to answer three questions correctly, collect the key and jump down the toilet. You have five lives. Avoid contact with monsters or they will kill you. Incorrect answers drain your energy. Use the arrows to move left and right and the spacebar to jump. Help Willy the miner to reach his goal and practise your vocabulary.


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