Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Typing

Hi! My name is Rudolph and today I'm helping you spell Christmas words. Typing is very important because you need computers and mobiles for your studies and for your social relations. Well, you can learn to type correctly and faster with this game. Moreover, you can revise your Christmas vocabulary. Look at the words on the screen and type as fast as you can to get more points. The faster you type, the higher your score. You have only 35 seconds but you can try as many times as you wish. I hope you will like the typing game. Merry Christmas!

Type Christmas Words

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Time

It's Christmas Time. I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope these flashcards will help you learn with the listening and spelling games and activities. You can see words about Christmas, traditions and decoration, click on the arrows to see more cards and then, start practising. Have a wonderful holiday!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas 2011 at S.I.E.S. Rincón de Soto

Christmas decoration was brilliant last year. Do you remember what you did? It's going to be difficult to beat that but I'm sure this year you will do even better.

Cannonball Fun. Present Simple in Affirmative, Negative and Questions

Hello! Do you study present simple rules every day? Are they easy or difficult? I'm here to help you with a game. Complete the sentences with the correct verbs or auxiliaries in affirmative, negative or question form. Then, use the arrow keys to control the cannon and press the spacebar to control the speed. Then, release the spacebar and launch the ball. I'm sure it will be fun.

Click here for larger version

Saturday, 15 December 2012

What's your job? Flashcards

Hi! What do you do? What's your job? Are you a student? We are here to learn words about jobs. Click on the right and left arrows to see all the flashcards. Click on the loudspeaker icon to listen to their pronunciation. Then, click on the link below to study the words. You can do spelling and listening activities or play games.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Present Simple. Affirmative sentences

Hi! We are here to make affirmative sentences in present simple. Remember this! We use the infinitive of the verb after the subject and when the subject is a third person singular we add these endings: -S, -ES or -IES. Study the blog entry about these rules here. Do you want to try this game? Help the manic miner on his mission. Complete the sentences with the correct verbs and don't touch monsters. When you answer threee questions correctly, get the key and jump down the toilet. Good luck!

Transport. From horses to planes

How do you go to school? On foot? Do you use a bicycle? Does somebody drive you? Here we are to learn some means of transport from London double-deckers to rural horses. Click on the right and left arrows to see the flashcards. Click on the loudspeaker icon to listen to the pronunciation of each words. Then, click on the link below the cards to do spelling and listening activities or play games. Typing games are important for you. Can you type the words quickly?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Making gifs

Would you like to create gifs and embed them on forums, websites or social networks? Click on this link. It's easy and fast.

Gif Creator

Revise parts of the body and accesories

Avatars are very popular on the internet. Do you use an avatar in forums, blogs or social networks? Remember it's important to protect to privacy on the net, so don't upload your photos. Why don't you create different avatars with these sites? They are fun and they will help you learn vocabulary about body parts or accessories. Check them!

Face your manga

Simpsonize yourself

Avatar Creator
Doppel me

A, an, the, some, any. Quick Math Test

Hi! I'm going to help you revise quantifiers. Read the sentences of the game and complete them with the words "a", "an", "the", "some" or "any". Read carefully and think: Are the sentences affirmative, negative or interrogative? Are the nouns in the sentences countable or uncountable? When your answer is right, you can play a maths game. Choose the correct symbol to complete the equation. Are you quick or slow? Good luck!

Complete the sentences with a, an, the, some or any.

Quantifiers. Manic Miner Game

Do you need any help with quantifiers? The Manic Miner game will help you practise. At the bottom of the screen there are incomplete sentences and you have to choose the right option. Answer three questions correctly, collect the key and jump down the toilet. Don't touch monsters or they will kill you. Don't choose incorrect answers or they will drain your energy. Help the miner on his mission and have fun with your English. Good luck!

Click here for larger version

Wild Animals

Hi! I'm a bear and I'm here to show you some fellow wild animals. Click on the right and left arrows to see the pictures, the names and the translations. If you click on the loudspeaker, you will also learn how to pronounce them. When you finish all the flashcards, click on the link below to do the listening, spelling and matching exercises or play typing games. What do you think about my friends? Do you feel like planning a trip to meet them?

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Time Expressions

Let's revise some time expressions! There are exercises where you have to fill in the gaps with the right verbal tense. Time expressions can help you in certain sentences, so it's important to identify which are used with a specific tense. In the exercise below, you will see time expressions and labeled dustbins. Drag each time expression to the right tense: present simple, present continuous or past simple. It's quite easy!

Click here for larger version

Typing speed test with the past continuous

We are living in a digital world. It is important for you to know about computers and new technology. Can you type quickly? This game will help you revise past continuous and it will also improve your typing skills. The quicker you are, the better your score. Choose the right answer to complete the sentences. If your answer is correct, the square will go green and you will take the typing challenge. If it's wrong, it will go red and you will start with a different sentence. How well can you type?

Typing test with the past continuous

Parts of the Body. Humans and Animals

In these flashcards, you will find vocabulary to study body parts of humans and animals. Click on the arrows to see the pictures and the words, then you can do the listening and spelling exercises or play different games. In this blog entry, you can find two sets of flashcards in case you want to revise certain words. I hope you will find them helpful.

Describing clothes: Opposites

In the game below, you will find adjectives to describe clothes. You have to find the opposites. Click on the cards and remember their position. Put your memory to the test. Enjoy the game! It will help you learn a lot of adjectives and you will have fun.

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Possessive Pronouns Cannonball Fun

Hi! I'm here to help you with possessive pronouns. Here they are: mine, yours, his, hers, ours, yours and theirs. Possessive pronouns are not difficult. Try to practise with this game: Cannonball Fun. Read the question and use the arrow keys to move the cannon left and right. Press the spaceball to build up speed. Release the spacebar to launch the ball and hit the right answer. Each sentence has got a context, so read them carefully before you start. Good luck and enjoy the game!

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